Top 10 Most Dangerous Countries In The World

Top 10 Most Dangerous Countries In The World

While traveling all over the world can be fun it can be equally dangerous as well. There are several countries on our beautiful planet that have been so ravaged by war that it’s not even safe to enter with an armed escort. Let’s have a look at the world’s most dangerous countries.

World’s Most Dangerous Countries in 2018

1. Ethiopia

Much of the African sub-continent has been riddled with political strife at some of the past decade or more. Ethiopia is no exception. With job opportunities at an all-time low, dismal political stability, and corruptions at all levels of government, the people have taken to thievery, murders and more. Even expatriates and foreigners are not spared which makes Ethiopia one of the riskiest countries to travel in 2018.

2. Democratic Republic Of Congo

Similar to Ethiopia Congo is a land of riches. However, due to corruption and power grabbing in the upper echelons of political parties the country has been in a crisis for years. The locals have resorted to murders, rapes, kidnappings and other forceful means of earning an income. [2]

3. Pakistan

Due to the political tensions between Pakistan and India, there has always been an internal conflict in Pakistan. Suicide bombers, large-scale shootings are not unheard of. International journalists are also warned to go there at their own peril. [1]

4. Yemen

While most of the middle east is trying to move to a path of stability and progress countries like Yemen and Iraq are still terror-prone. ISIS and other hardboiled militant groups have taken control over most of the land which makes it especially dangerous for Caucasians. Although at this point they’re not being too picky about who they bomb and murder. [1]

5. Chad

Even young children in Chad are forced to pick up arms and fight for one rival gang or another. There are no jobs and no local government support to uplift the people of Chad. Even the international community has not been able to do much in the way of supporting this tiny African nation considered to be on the list of the most treacherous countries in the world in 2018. [3]

6. Central African Republic

Two separate forces lay claim on the Central African Republic and neither of them is doing anything to solve the economic, social and political climate of the country. In a constant state of flux, the Central African Republic is one of the most violent countries in Africa. There does not seem to be a solution in sight and foreigners are asked to stay away. [2]

7. Venezuela

Bad management of its vast reserves of oil has almost bankrupted the Venezuelan economy. There is a severe shortage of the basic survival needs like food and water which is why some locals have taken up arms and are always on the lookout for “opportunistic” means of earning money. An unfortunate series of events that seem to have led to this situation and we can hardly tell what can put it right. [1]

8. Iraq

There are so many different factions that lay claim to Iraq that there seems to be no end in sight to the war that had its origins almost half a decade ago. The constant bombing, airstrikes, and military patrol have left the once beautiful country of Iraq severely damaged. Most foreign offices advice against traveling there. [2]

9. Afghanistan

Pakistan and Afghanistan are seen as the terror corridor that supply weapons and soldiers fighting for the Islamic cause. Although there is never any hardcore proof the country has been ravaged by several wars. The invasion of Russia, then the American forces search for Osama Bin Laden has taken its toll and Afghanistan has not been able to truly get out of the shadows. [2]

10. Nigeria

Another African nation to make the list of the worlds most dangerous countries is Nigeria. The fighting has also moved from land to sea with Nigerian pirates threatening the seas looking for oil freighters. Several clashed between the Nigerian Security forces and the Islamic movement in Nigeria has resulted in absolute chaos in the country and you should definitely avoid it during your travel. [1]