Top 10 Countries With The Longest Life Expectancy


Top 10 Countries With The Longest Life Expectancy

Ever wish you were immortal? Go on living until the end of the world perhaps? While we don’t know much about immortality, we do have some insights into the top 10 countries with the longest life expectancy. On an average people in these countries live to be more than 80 years and most of them hale and hearty.

10 Countries with the longest life expectancy in 2018

1. Monaco

Citizens of this rich little island nation have a life expectancy of about 89 years. Even though almost no citizens pay taxes they’re welcome to one of the best healthcare systems in the world. Monaco’s social systems also take very good care of their elderly. Having a ton of money can help in these kinds of situations. [2]

2. Japan

Another island nation to make the list, the people of Japan live to a ripe age of 89 too. Maybe its the simple living, the constant exercise, and the good air they breathe. A large factor contributing to citizens living to the age of 80 and above has been their diet of seafood and vegetables. Does this convince you to eat your greens? [2]

3. Singapore

Island nations are getting to be a theme here so maybe there is something in the ocean breeze that helps. Singaporean health is attributed to the fact that the citizens are very health conscious, they take their doctors appointments regularly and also exercise is an important part of most citizens daily routine. It is also one of the safest countries on the planet. [1]

4. Macau

While the life expectancy of 84 is great what the citizens probably feel proud of is the gambling. Macau shares many traits with its neighboring countries such as simple living, lots of exercises and a healthy dose of daily socializing. [1]

5. San Marino

Most working-age individuals are involved in office work rather than industrial labor. Which could account for them all growing chubby and old. San Marino has a life expectancy of about 84 years. They also partake in a lot of wine drinking. Could that be their secret? [3]

6. Iceland

Another country that probably profits from a high seafood diet is Iceland. The country has a life expectancy of 83 years. the liberal lifestyle alone with the low population could also have a lot to do with why Icelanders live for as long as they do. [2]

7. Andorra

From being one of the poorest nations in Europe to becoming a super spot for tourist has really turned around Andorra’s fortunes. Being a victim of World War II has probably given the citizens of Andorra a much better outlook on life. The average life expectancy in Andorra is close to 82 years. [3]

8. Switzerland

Not only is it one of the top countries with the longest life expectancy, it is also part of the list of the happiest, countries to live in and one of the best places to raise a family. Switzerland probably has it all including some incredibly fresh mountain air, and scenic backdrops. Life expectancy in Switzerland is just above 82 years. [3]

9. Hong Kong

Like Macau, the citizens of Hong Kong live long and healthy lives. They have an average life expectancy of 82 years. You’d expect a nation that had such high levels of pollution and population to be lower on the list, but the people of Hong Kong must be very resilient as they make the 9th spot on the countries with the highest life expectancy. [1]

10. Australia

It’s surprising that on a continent country where everything is in the wild is trying to kill you they still manage to live such long lives. Australians were never ones to back down from a fight and that spirit has helped them secure the 10th and final spot in the list of countries with the highest life expectancy. [1]