Top 10 Countries With The Highest Salaries

Top 10 Countries With The Highest Salaries

Everyone fantasizes of getting their dream job straight out of college, one where you can work on passion projects while also making a decent living. Others just hope for the best and take up opportunities that pay them the most. If you belong to the latter category and don’t really know what you want to do but want a lot of money, you better move to one of these ten countries with the highest salaries.

10 Countries That Offer The Best Salaries

1. Switzerland

Switzerland has one of the best social structures in all of Europe. They provide a lot of free amenities to their citizens and have some of the best looked after infrastructure. They do charge you a hefty 30% income tax for it, but they also make up for it by paying the highest salaries in all the world. With an average income of roughly $80,000, you are left with sufficient disposable income to lead a very satisfactory life even after taxes. [2]

2. Norway

I suppose being paid top dollar almost second to none would make you fairly happy. Norwegians are paid on an average $78,000 a year. Is that why Norway is also on the list of the happiest and best countries to live in? Norway also has a great sense of respect for businesses and the governments promote entrepreneurship. Even though Norwegians pay a large amount of income tax, most of it is funneled back into the country to provide for the citizens. [1]

3. Ireland

If the lush Irish countryside wasn’t enthralling enough to make you move there, then perhaps their salaries would. Ireland has a GDP per capita of $70,000 which isn’t too far from the top of the 10 richest countries in the world. The caveat is, and there is usually a catch isn’t there, that the inflation in Ireland is higher than in the UK so although the salaries may be higher but so is the cost of living. A fair trade if you ask us. [2]

4. Luxembourg

This tiny European nation was once at the center of all steel mills in Europe. While the nation is still predominantly dependent on its steel, manufacturing and other industrial work, there has also been a shift of focus to the service sector as well. Luxembourg has the 4th best salary caps for its citizens with an average salary per year of $69,000, and you can consider yourself lucky if you get a job here. They also have one of the lowest unemployment rates in the entire world. [1]

5. United States

While no one can deny the US is an economic powerhouse it is quite surprising to see that they’re only in the 5th spot for countries with the highest average incomes. But maybe you shouldn’t bring that up next time you’re discussing your pay raise with HR because you are still getting about $57,000 a year. Plenty more than you need. [2]

6. Australia

It boasts one of the most robust economies in the world and has very stringent government policies about the minimum wage to be paid. Australia’s average yearly income is about $55,000 which isn’t so bad for a MANDATORY 35 hour week. That’s what we call the good life. [2]

7. Denmark

The average yearly income of a regular Dane could be as high as $50,000. They also have some fantastic companies that headquarter in the country and hire the best and the brightest while also paying the highest salaries. Since Denmark has such a well established social security system, they require very little disposable income to live comfortably and yet enjoy one of the best standards of living in the world. [1]

8. Netherlands

If you don’t already own a home in the Netherlands renting could be a problem. They rents are quite high, luckily the jobs also pay quite a lot to be able to afford a comfortable living at all times. You can expect to make roughly about $48,000 a year here with plenty to spare after taxes. [1]

9. Canada

Several thousand people immigrate to Canada each year in search of greener pastures and many of them are fortunate enough to find them. Canada provides some of the best equal employment opportunities in Canada with a decent wage of $45,000 a year. Even if it weren’t for the money wouldn’t you still like to call the beautiful countryside of Canada home? [1]

10. United Kingdom

Unsurprisingly, 75% of the workforce in the UK is based in the service industry. Just barely breaking into the top 10 countries with the highest salaries the UK’s economy is boosted by Scotland, Ireland, and tourism, the sector that hires the most number of people. You can expect to make about $45,000 in the UK on a yearly basis which is not bad and you still manage to save quite a decent amount even after the 25% income tax. [2]