Top 10 Countries With The Highest Quality Of Life

Top 10 Countries Where You Can Live The Best Lives

We’ve seen countries with the happiest citizens, with the richest citizens, the safest countries, but which country has the best overall quality of life? We look at the countries which set the standard for quality living. While the basic needs like healthcare, and shelter have to be provided to rank high, you also have to make sure to provide additional opportunities for education, social liberties and more.

Top 10 Countries Where You Can Live The Best Lives

1. Finland

Of all the countries evaluated Finland scored the highest in almost all regards. This Scandinavian nation’s citizens have ranked it highest on gender equality, freedom of choice, basic necessities for all and more. Finland makes it possible for its citizens to lead some of the best lives.

2. Denmark

Gender equality, equality in the workplace has actually upped Denmark’s position in this year’s rankings. Denmark now enjoys the 3rd place in the list and could climb to the top as it has made strides in almost every factor being calculated. [1]

3. Canada

Blessed with a large area and a surplus of raw materials, Canada is more than adequately taking care of its 35 million-odd citizens. Canada was also voted as one of the safest nations in the world, where people frequently leave their houses without locking the front door. [2]

4. Australia

Like Canada, Australia has been blessed with high natural resources, hard-working individuals and a government that’s looking out for everyone. Equality, education, opportunities are all provided to all. Even though Australia has a heavy influx of migrants especially from the South East Asian nations, it ranked poorly on tolerance. Something it will need to address before next year’s report card. [2]

5. Switzerland

The citizens of the nation pay almost pay 30% in income tax. What they pay in taxes they make up for in other facilities and amenities the government provides. Switzerland has some of the best hospitals and doctors as well as other medical facilities. They believe they’re getting real value for money and rank high in the quality of life index. [1]

6. Sweden

Slightly losing out to Switzerland to 5th place is Sweden. 6th place is nothing to begrudge though. The Swedes are really proud of the cleanliness of their country scoring almost a perfect 100. They also have good social reforms, and liberal governments to thank for their happy lifestyle. [2]

7. Norway

A role model for many European nations Norway has always scored well on providing a high quality of life to its citizens. Scandinavian nations are definitely doing something right considering how many make the list of the countries with the best standard of living for its citizens. [1]

8. Netherlands

One of the first countries in the modern world to accept and legalize should throw light onto how tolerant this nation is. It could also explain why the Netherlands ranks so high on the happiness index. Personal freedom is very important to the citizens here and they get it. [2]

9. United Kingdom

The UK can thank it’s free for citizens national health system for being in the top 10. A great place to raise kids with the best free schooling for all kids, sports facilities on par with the best in the world, and well-maintained playgrounds and parks. [1]

10. New Zealand

Due to a small population, there are plenty of jobs for everyone on this island nation. The adventure crazy nations citizens also cite the green cover, freedom of choice, easy access to education and providing the basic necessities to all as the reason for their success in this years list.[2]

If you live in any of these countries than you should be proud. Icelanders, you guys are tied with New Zealand for the 10th spot so hooray. These nations are the best of the best in the entire world. These top 10 nations with the best lives for its citizens is what every other nation should aspire to be. Someday we will all be there, we hope.