Top 10 Countries To Raise A Family

Top 10 Countries To Raise A Family

Political environments aside, the world is turning into a scary place to raise children. Many adults are entirely foregoing having kids because they’re afraid of the kind of world they’re bringing the kids into. Luckily there are still some places on Earth that appreciate family values more than others. You’d be lucky to start a family in any of the top 10 countries to raise a family.

Best Countries In The World To Raise Kids

1. Denmark

Not only is Denmark one of the best countries in the world to live in, it is also the best country in the world to start a family and raise kids. The standard of education is one of the highest in all the world. There is hardly any gender discrimination and equality in the workplace. Denmark is also fantastic to raise kids because of its healthy green living environment. [2]

2. Sweden

Another country in the top 10 countries to live in. Sweden is fantastic for raising children. The quality of life is one of the highest on the planet and the natural surroundings mean a great place to grow up for young children. [2]

3. Norway

This country was once part of Sweden and only in 1905 did it gain full independence. It shares a lot of cultural beliefs with the Swedes and you can see it in their standard of living and value for lives. It is also one of the most modern European nations in the world. [3]

4. Finland

The Nordic nations really know how to take care of their kids and this tiny nation is number 4 on the list of the best countries to raise a family. They have excellent gender equality, schooling systems, natural surroundings and fresh air that you’d like to start a healthy family. [1]

5. Switzerland

While the quality of life may be great, many adults initially move to Switzerland for the ease of doing business. They stay for the amazing atmosphere and the easy living. While their taxes might be high the government provides excellent facilities for its citizens. The schooling system and well-rounded growth of children are incredible. [2]

6. Canada

Canadians provide free schooling, free healthcare and a lot of other excellent facilities for their citizens. It’s also one of the safest places in the world with almost no violent crimes. A safe haven for your kids to grow up peacefully and protected. [2]

7. Netherlands

The Netherlands is one of the happiest place to live in and one the list of the top countries in the world. Economically and politically stable the Netherlands provides your children with a great environment o grow up in. They also have extremely liberal policies which are great for your kids to grow up in. [2]

8. Austria

The Austrian people are extremely friendly. They will go out of their way to help you out. It’s the kind of cultural environment that children can actually grow up safe. There are plenty of parks and natural wonders to amaze the children as they’re growing up. You’ll love living in Austria and so will your family. [3]

9. New Zealand

While New Zealand may be known for its nature, wildlife and adventurous spirit what you probably don’t know is the high quality of family life it offers. New Zealand like all the countries on this list is a great place to bring up your kids. With lots of natural cover, there are plenty of opportunities for picnics on the beach or in a park. [1]

10. Australia

The Australian government provides a lot of benefits to its citizens, including free healthcare and astounding infrastructure. There are numerous pools, gyms, skating parks for your children to have fun in growing up. Moving to Australia to start a family could be one of the best decisions you can make. [1]