Top 10 Countries For Online Entrepreneurs

Top 10 Countries For Online Entrepreneurs

What would you rather do, work 8 hours a day to make someone else’s dream come true or slog it off for 12 hours to make yourself the boss? Recently entrepreneurship, especially of the online variety has become very popular especially among the younger generation. Millennial’s are inventing jobs for themselves rather than taking up job opportunities in companies. If you would like to be an entrepreneur in your own right maybe it would be best for you to start in one of the top 10 countries for online entrepreneurs.

Top Countries For Online Entrepreneurs in 2018

1. Germany

The German government is very pro-entrepreneurship. It makes it very easy to open and start businesses so a lot of youngsters are trying their hand at entrepreneurship. Germany is also a modern nation with a hand on the pulse on the world and citizens are encouraged to try new ideas and bring them to reality. [2]

2. Japan

What most online businesses need is a high-speed internet connection and lots of coffee and Japan has at least one of those in spades. Japan has always been at the forefront of tech and the latest laws are only moving favorably towards helping budding online entrepreneurs. [2]

3. United Kingdom

Despite the uncertainty of Brexit looming over the United Kingdom, many entrepreneurs are working hard to call the U.K the home of their business and the government is making it easier for them. Relaxed rules for entrepreneurs with online businesses are just helping its cause and has gotten it on the 3rd spot of the countries best of online entrepreneurs. [1]

4. France

France is investing a lot of funds to appease tech entrepreneurs into starting businesses in its capital. The largest tech incubator Station F launched here in April. It is already home to some billion dollar startups like the blabla car ride-sharing service. [1]

5. United States

Although some of the highest rated online companies are headquartered in the United States they do not have as much ease of business as the nations above them on the list. While it may languish in the 5th spot, it is still a favorite destination for most online entrepreneurs. [1]

6. Switzerland

Switzerland has a very business-friendly business regime. Businesses with an online model get even more of a favor. However, the heavy taxes in Switzerland could be a hindrance for some. It does boast of all the best modern amenities that money can buy which is a strong motivator for online entrepreneurs. It’s also one of the safest countries in the world to live in. [2]

7. Singapore

The transparency in government, the ease of doing business, the modern lifestyle, and the clean living are all that beckon to the modern online entrepreneur to start his new venture in Singapore. It was number 10 in the list a couple of years ago and it is fighting hard to gain the number one spot in the list of countries best for online entrepreneurs. [1]

8. Sweden

The best places to live are also usually the best places to work. Young millennial’s who can start their businesses in any part of the world would love to choose Sweden as their ideal location. They need only to remember the – 50-degree temperatures in the winters and they should be fine. All good otherwise. [2]

9. Canada

Another nation whose government actually promotes entrepreneurship in its country. Canada is very reliant on its highly educated citizens to begin businesses and create jobs for others. It provides tax breaks, gives incentives and is an overall excellent place to start a business. [2]

10. Israel

In spite of the political and religious tensions surrounding the country, Israel is making great strides towards becoming a more hospitable environment for online businesses. It is already on the 10th spot of top 10 countries for online entrepreneurs. [1]