Top 10 Cities To Live In Asia

Top 10 Cities To Live In Asia

Westerners love visiting Asia in all its Eastern mysticism, great food, and wonderful culture. But how many people from the West would actually consider settling down in Asia. If you ever want to check off living in another country off your bucket list Asia is definitely the place to go. Here are the top 10 cities in Asia for you to live in.

10 Best Cities For You To Live In Asia – 2018

1. Singapore

Singapore does not get its dues where deserved. Among all the Asian cities it is one of the fastest developing nations in the world. It is also the top ranking Asian city when it comes to cleanliness, employment opportunities and quality of life. [1]

2. Manila, Philippines

The city is quite modern as compared to a lot of the Philippines. There are plenty of expats already settled in Manila. English is a common language which gets rid of any language barrier issues you thought you might have. [2]

3. Thimpu, Bhutan

One of the happiest nations on the planet and also the only countries that is actually carbon positive on the environment. Living clean and pure comes easy in the capital of Bhutan. [3]

4. Chiang Mai, Thailand

Although Bangkok is the most popular tourist destination in Thailand, Chiang Mai is the place you’d love to settle down in. Great culture, friendly people, and the exciting city of Bangkok aren’t too far away if you ever wanted to spend an evening of revelry. [3]

5. Bali, Indonesia

There is very little you can actually dislike about Bali. It can be quite touristy but that would be the only complaint. Once you start living here you’ll see there are plenty of opportunities to stay at quite a distance from the tourist when the need arises and getting down to the main town to join in the fun when needed. [2]

6. Luang Prabang, Laos

While you can certainly see the influences of the western settlers Luang Prabang still manages to retain some of its excellent heritage. The living is affordable, the sun is warm and the local markets put Luang Prabang in the list of the top 10 cities to live in Asia. [2]

7. Tokyo, Japan

We love Japanese culture, anime, and their cuisine so why would we not love to live in Tokyo, Japan. Sure, it’s one of the most expensive cities on the planet to live in, but if you’re able to get past that tiny hurdle, Tokyo has the second best quality of life in all of Asia after Singapore. [1]

8. Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong is the perfect display of duality. While it’s been going non-stop to develop its top of the line infrastructure, housing, and social systems it has also taken tremendous strides to take care of its environment. You have several location options to choose from, by the beach, in the woods, in high metropolitan areas. Pick whatever suits you best. [2]

9. Seoul, South Korea

Seoul is at the cutting edge of innovation and technology. The city has come a long way from its feudal beginnings. While the language barrier can be quite daunting, many Koreans are now taking an active interest in learning foreign languages. [3]

10. Goa, India

During the late 70’s and 80’s Goa was considered a hotbed for hippies looking for a chill place to party in India. While it has progressed in its development, it still holds on to its quiet, beach town lifestyle perfect for anyone looking to slow their life down. Also, almost everyone speaks English to some degree so language shouldn’t be a problem and the cost of living is quite low.