Top 10 Cities To Live In Africa

Top 10 Cities To Live In Africa

A nation with such excellent natural resources has been ravaged by internal strife for years. Recently, the situation has been getting better and Africa as a whole is blossoming into a beautiful continent that it was always meant to be. Living in Africa used to be quite risky in the past, but now several African cities make excellent homes for tourists. Here are the top 10 cities to live in Africa.

1. Essaouira, Morocco

Far from the big cities is a water sports lovers paradise. If you love windsurfing, kite surfing, you’ll love Essaouira. It’s basically a small fishing town with several markets in the region to walk through enjoying the sights and sounds. The tasty fresh fish is just another bonus. [2]

2. Luanda, Angola

Africa’s administrative hub and main seaport, Luanda has developed into a beautiful city over time. If you think you might struggle with cultural shock, Luanda could be the best place to settle down, to begin with, because its plans are predominantly based on popular European nations. [3]

3. Cape Town, South Africa

One of the most developed cities on the African continent, Cape Town provides something for everyone. You can enjoy either of beach life, hideaway in the mountains, or while away your time at some of the best vineyards outside of Europe. [2]

4. Nairobi, Kenya

Nairobi is of the leading lights of Africa when it comes to international trade. It is also the most populous nation in East Africa. There are plenty of job opportunities and the economy is quite booming. [1]

5. Tunis, Tunisia

The focal point of all political, administrative, and judicial functions in Tunisia is its capital city of Tunis. Most of the commercial activities in Tunisia are also centered around Tunis and provides the perfect life for new settlers. [1]

6. Luxor, Egypt

The name Luxor translates to palaces, and the city is home to several tombs of Pharaohs, and the valley of the Kings among other things. The city is quite laid back and you will enjoy sipping on tea and watching the sunset over the Nile. [2]

7. Stone Town, Tanzania

Not much has changed in the last 200 years in Stone Town. Spectacular houses with exquisitely carved wooden doors, lively daily markets to wander around and gather in the smells and sounds. This beautiful coastal city is also classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and you will understand why when you get there. [2]

8. Lamu, Kenya

It does not get more relaxing in Africa then it does on the beaches of coastal Lamu in Kenya. The narrow alleys in town provide for hours of wandering around while you discover the city. If you are looking for a change of place in life, then head on down to Lamu. It definitely deserves its spot on the top 10 places to live in Africa. [2]

9. Port Louis, Mauritius

While most people see Mauritius as a holiday destination (which it is), it’s capital Port Louis is more of a financial hub. It is also one of Africa’s biggest economic centers. Many citizens of the nation speak French and English which are its official languages. [1]

10. Windhoek, Namibia

Windhoek surprises people with its pastel-colored houses and German architecture. Also with the modern way in which the city has developed over the past few years while still holding on to its cultural roots. A definite contender for best city to live in Africa. [2]