Top 10 Countries With The Best Education System

Top 10 Countries With The Best Education System

Schooling is the foundation of how a society behaves. The children that learn the importance of care, empathy, love along with their school curriculum go on to become outstanding citizens of the nation. Schooling systems are an important parameter of how well a society has developed and is able to take care of its future. We’re looking at the top 10 countries with the best schooling systems.

Countries With The Best Schooling Systems – Updated For 2018

While the lists in the past were heavily populated with countries from Europe and North America, Asian countries are steadily starting to rule the roost. Major changes in schooling policies have made schools in Asia some of the most compelling for young children, turning them into well-rounded individuals.

1. South Korea

With a literacy rate of almost a 100% South Korea has invested a lot of money in its schooling system. They even have classes in English so as to not have their countries children at a disadvantage when competing with global schools. Attending schools for 7 days a week can be tiresome but South Korea manages to keep the workload light and school a fun place to be especially during the young years. [1]

2. Japan

Technological advancements, adherence to high-quality standards and incorporating not just theoretical knowledge but respect for manual labor is instilled right from a young age. It’s what set’s Japanese schools apart from the rest of the world. Due to a strong work ethic, Japanese students usually place right at the top of international scholastic competitions. [2]

3. Hong Kong

Having taken a leaf from the U.K’s books and going a step further is what set up Hong Kong so high in the list of the countries that have the best education system. The credit can also go to the development of the local services industries in the country. Hong Kong is especially a prime location for further studies. [3]

4. Finland

The only European country to break into the top 5, Finland was once at the pinnacle of the schooling system and a role model for schools in every country. Finnish students have been ruling the international scholastic achievements for nearly a decade and have been lauded for its relaxed teaching principles that guide students based on curiosity rather than rote. [2]

5. Singapore

Singapore’s primary education system is among the top 3 in the world, however, its high school and college education leaves much to be desired. In recent years, however, Singapore has left no stone unturned to turn it into a goldmine of opportunities for students from near and afar for higher learning. [1]

6. U.K.

You cannot have a discussion about schooling systems in the world without mentioning Oxford and Cambridge. The inverse of Singapore where the primary education system is lacking in certain areas. Although schooling is mandatory for children aged 5-16 the curriculum isn’t as advanced as some Asian nations. [2]

7. Canada

Canada provides free education to students from the age of 5 to 16 which covers most of the primary and secondary educational requirements. The free education provided ranks high on the charts of schooling curriculum and interest-based learning.[2]

8. Netherlands

While children of other nation can claim to be champions of international competitions, Dutch children have the distinct advantage of being the happiest. That is not to say that the schooling system is failing them far from it. Schooling cultures like the ones in the Netherlands also consider the well being of the students as part of their curriculum. [3]

9. USA

The home of Harvard, Columbia, and MIT makes it to the ninth spot in the 10 countries with the best schooling systems. In recent years due to a lack of funding the schooling system of the US has been degrading, but it is still pretty high up on the list. Improvements have been promised and they will probably be delivered thanks to the strong economic backing. [1]

10. Ireland

Another nation to provide free schooling to children, but all the way to college. A large emphasis is placed on education even in the countries budget with a large portion allocated to this industry. [2]