Top 10 Best Countries For Retirement

 Top 10 Best Countries For Retirement

You’ve worked hard your entire life. Slaved away in front of the computer, ran all around the world to attend those sales calls. You’ve now made a comfortable cushion which can enable you to sit back and relax. Where do you go? Here are our suggestions of the ten best countries to retire comfortably in 2018.

Best Countries To Spend Your Retirement in 2018

1. New Zealand

You will still have plenty of life left in you when you do decide to retire and there isn’t a country in the world better than New Zealand to do so. It’s a fantastic location to fulfill your ambitions of adventure and solo travel. You’ll need to accumulate about $1.18 million though (depending on your lifestyle) if you want to spend your days relaxing, hiking, bungee jumping and all those other activities in New Zealand. [1]

2. Costa Rica

One of the most underrated holiday destinations is also one of the best countries to retire in, in 2018. You could walk on the sandy beaches, relax your muscles in the volcanic warm springs, and climb up lofty mountains all in the space of a day. The cost of living is extremely low which makes it perfect for people looking to retire in tropical comfort. [2]

3. Mexico

Americans and Europeans love settling down in Mexico. It has excellent warm weather throughout the year, affordable real estate, and great landscapes to view when bored. The low cost of living also makes it a great option for most foreigners.[3]

4. Panama

Apart from being close to the U.S. Panama offers many exciting surprises to people who choose to retire here. Like Mexico, you have excellent sunny warm weather almost through the year. The food is incredible. You also have a choice between enjoying beautiful nature trails or going out on the town. [2]

5. Spain

Americans looking for a laid-back lifestyle to retire in would love Spain. It’s inviting culture, music and rich heritage are a perfect backdrop to retire in. Spain’s traditional family values also ensure that the elderly are well looked after. For when you’re way past your prime. [1]

6. Ecuador

The land along the Pacific coast and the Andean corridor have become a hotspot for people looking to retire in Ecuador. You will come to love everything that Ecuador has to offer including the relaxed lifestyle and friendly neighbors. [2]

7. Malaysia

Malaysia is one of the fastest developing countries in the South East Asian region. While many people initially go there for work they fall in love with the peace-loving culture and harmony and end up staying for life. You will come to love the Malaysian cuisine which might seem a bit spicy at first, but you’ll learn to love it. [3]

8. Malta

Considering it would take less than $3000 a month to spend your life here comfortable, Malta is fast becoming one of the top countries for retirement. The island offers 300 days of sunny weather and crystal clear azure waters to swim in. You won’t need much else. If you do, Paris is only a small, cheap flight away. [3]

9. Portugal

One of the best destinations in all of Europe if you are considering retirement. Portugal offers the good seaside town life while also having the latest and best amenities. You will love nothing more than to dive head first into the wonderful customs and traditions of Portugal. [1]

10. Canada

With a tonne of space, Canada loves taking on people from all over the world and of all ages. It has a wonderful healthcare system, gorgeous natural beauty and a tremendous love for all. Although it does tend to get very cold, the warmth of the people more than makes up for it. [1]