10 Easiest Countries for Immigration



3. Nicaragua

Okay, so Nicaragua is known for having been troubled by leftist coups, civil wars, and rightwing Contras in the 1980s. And yeah, it is said to be experiencing the worst political crisis in its history right now, but let’s put that in perspective. At the moment the Nicaraguan people have lost faith in their government and are protesting in great numbers – some have died in the fight. The government is blaming the country’s young people for the chaos. So if you think you could stomach living in the United States, Nicaragua can also very reasonably be on your list.

And on the plus side, Nicaragua is an absolutely gorgeous country situated between two pristine coastlines. Conveniently, Nicaragua offers a retirement program similar to Ecuador’s. In this case you need only prove an income of $600 a month; theoretically you must be at least 45 years of age, but this requirement can be waived based on your provable income.

You also need not be entirely retired to qualify. Nicaragua’s government defines work quite loosely. Owners of a restaurant or small hotel are not considered workers. If you freelance for a non-Nicaraguan company, that also is not considered work.

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