10 Easiest Countries for Immigration



10. Austria

On the decidedly high end of the financial scale, Austria is a choice with a steep cost of living. But, it offers 10 different types of residence permit. If you can afford it, you will likely qualify for at least one.

Austria features incredible scenic beauty in the form of the snow-capped Alps, wild valleys, and sparkling blue ice caves. Residents are reportedly very content, and why wouldn’t they be, living a “perpetual resort” lifestyle? Austria is a lovely little country that serves as a gateway for many of Europe’s capital cities.

The catch in immigrating to Austria is that you must apply from your home country, not from temporary digs within Austria. That makes job (or spouse) hunting a bit trickier. There is an exception for residents of the United States and European Union, who are eligible for a D-visa that allows 6-months residence in Austria prior to application for a residence permit.

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